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Airfield Maintenance Worker I

$30,680 – $38,189 annually


Street Maintenance Worker II

$34,320 – $ 43,056 annually

city of phoenix jobs, street maintenance worker
“I shouldve been a street maintenance worker for the City of Phoenix…”


Customer Service Clerk/Part-Time

$12.92 per hour

Records Clerk II

$29,432 – $42,577 annually




Human Resources Officer – Police Department

$54,392 – $81,245


Contracts Specialist II-Water Services

$54,392 – $81,245


Management Assistant I – Aviation Planning

$44,678 – $66,518 annually


Assistant Chief Information Officer

$160,000 annually


Fire Prevention Specialist

$44,658 – $65,582 annually


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  1. I got a job through this site. Jason helped me with my resume and now I’m a Pharmacy Tech at Walmart in Tucson. Thanks J I couldnt do it without your help

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