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All About City of Jobs-and Me

This is the page for you to learn all About City of Jobs . Recently, I kept running into pages all over Craigslist AZ PHX Gigs  and  other places online that were offering jobs to the residents of AD2PHXAZ Openings area. But it seemed so all over the place and scattered.

It’s hard enough when you’re unemployed to figure out how to best utilize your time but what’s even worse than that is how a lot of these Jobs sites are set up to do the exact opposite.

These Jobs sites today want you to sign up to the newsletters they offer and submit your resume to them and fill out these 45 min long questionnaires that do almost nothing for you… I knew I could make something better and more specialized more streamlined to keep you from wasting valuable time.

Would I like you to sign up for my newsletter? Sure. Would I like you to fill out questionnaires on my site? Of Course.

But if you don’t have time that’s fine too! You can still jump right in and go right to your new employers application page and fill out an application right now.

Don’t forget to check out our Uni Of PHOENIX Openings page. Weekly we snag the cream of the crop cut out  opportunities U of P can offer us.


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