Hydro Ban Waterproofing Membrane by: Laticrete- What is it?

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HydroBan the Premiere Anti-Fracture Membrane


Discover Hydro Ban. Now at Jobs For Phx AZ Today…Hydro Ban Waterproofing Membrane by: Laticrete- What is it? and How do you use it??

Laticrete created the first One stop Waterproofing Membrane to ever hit the market. Today Laticrete International continues to be a pioneering force in the world of construction with their newest innovation to waterproofing. That Highly Versatile Reliable Product is Hydro Ban, for all of your flooring, shower, and wall waterproofed needs.

hydro ban

How much coverage will I get?

One full unit consists of 6 gallons (23 liters) of 9235 Waterproofing Membrane liquid and Waterproofing/Anti-Fracture Fabric and will cover approximately 300 ft2(27m2).

One mini unit consists of 1 gallon Waterproofing Membrane liquid and Waterproofing/Anti-Fracture Fabric to cover approximately 75 ft2 (6.8m2).

Sure their are some competitors on the market these days. Custom Built Products by Quikrete has a fantastic membrane as well they call Redguard. And while we recognize Redgard as a great product, it just simply cannot match up to its father Hydro-Ban . Maybe one day little tike. I doubt it but don’t tell Redguard that…

hydro ban vs redgard

You can easily apply Hydroban to any 1/8 expansion joint and rest easy knowing that you don’t have anything to worry about. You can apply Hydro-Ban with a flat trowel or paintbrush or even paint roller to any of these plumbing fixtures as well. Copper, PVC, and much more. Apply to an concrete, with two coats of application and in 2 hours you’ll be ready to heavily test the waterproofing product and walk on it and even to work over the top of. If you’re not using HYDRO Ban then start today.

For the White Paper on Laticrete Hydro Ban You Can Download The Complete Guide to Installation Now Just click the link below. Look a bit further down and you’ll see the cheapest prices I could find for HYDRO BAN at Amazon.

HydroBan Installation Instructions 

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