How to Interview Someone for a Job and Get Top Tier Results

How many of us need a great staff but struggle with the process of interviewing? Discover How to Interview Someone for a Job and Get Top Tier Results..

How to Interview Someone for a Job and Get Top Tier Results Every Time

If you need to know How to Interview Someone for a Job and Get Top Tier Results Every Time you’ve made a very “hush hush” discovery.
For the very first time, The 5 Points to the Perfect Interview are on display here, and only here, at the Jobs Today Blog exclusively.
As I wrote this piece, I took into consideration not only what has given me the ability to choose an exceptional employee through interviewing. I moreso took reminded myself of the type of interview process I used when I chose a poor employee through a poor interview process.
Throughout the past decade I’ve built successful business based on the type of employees that made up my team.
This is the interview process that I’ve found to be the most profitable.
And now, for absolutely no cost to you, here is your guide to performing the highest quality interviews every time possible.

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  1. Plan Ahead.

The person who discovers, the magic of prior proper planning to prevent poor performance is highly likely to succeed. The 6 P’s are necessary for great interviews, not to mention, volumes of other trying tasks. If you want your interviews to lead to the “no doubt” best hire possible follow these points when planning.

  • Create bullet points that describe the positions high priority responsibilities.
  • Search out others who hold similar titles and get the nitty-gritty details of what type of character it takes to be top class at the specific job. 
  • Dissect all the resumes and/or applications to get the most targeted information about who is applying for the position.
  • Prep all your questions and create an overall interview so you have a standard guide to refer back to-memorize that standard.

Once you’ve thoroughly planned out the process you’ll be doing this step next…

how to interview someone for a job

2. Pave the Path.

Quality Individuals know they possess talent and worth. You, the interviewer, holds not just a list of questions but also the reputation of the company in your hands. Walk the possible future employee down the path that you choose. Divulging, with discretion, the highlights of working for the company. While determining if the candidate is worthy to hold the position or not. Here’s how:

  • Determine the company’s closest competitors and know roughly what they’re offering to new hires in similar positions.
  • Discreetly drop hints at some of the company’s best attributes, especially the ones that point out flaws in the competitors offers.
  • Make whatever positions your company holds seem to be the power play in every situation…If your company has been in business longer, highlight how experienced you the the tried and true company is. If you’re the newer company show how innovative and inline with the new age the company is by being the new kid on the block.
  • Smooth over the lesser qualities with subtle personal insider info. “While our company is not the highest paying, salary wise. Let me tell you a little secret between us…our bonus structure for key performers can change that in a heartbeat.

After the path has been paved to perfection then it’s time for step 3…

3. Point out The Priorities.

Clearly make the candidate aware of what is “priority knowledge” concerning his/her position. If current licenses are necessary, make sure the interviewee is aware of those specifics. Then point out the Top 6 “need to know” priorities of the position. Here’s some examples

  • Decision-Making Authority- the person has to…  hire/fire others, create and maintain performance objectives, discipline other employees etc.
  • Fiscal Responsibilities-Not all positions have these type of concerns, but if the position does make sure the interviewee is clear on what is required of the position
  • Performance Accountability-How this person is held accountable for performance objectives for their team
  • Possible Ceiling-What significant future opportunities may be available
  • Recourse-What type of consequences and how those are dealt for mistakes made in the position. 
  • Daily Need to Know’s-Expectations that must be kept in the jobs daily activities.

Now that you’ve made a point of the priorities you will quickly be moving onto Step 4…

4. Personality Traits.

An interviewer’s most trying and most crucial responsibility is to determine the personality traits that are necessary to perform in the given position. And to determine if the candidate possesses those qualities in suffice measure.

If you’re hiring a bank teller, for instance, you know that the person will be regularly, if not constantly, interacting with customers. If the candidate does not care for interacting with customers, especially face to face then that is not the person that for the position.

Making use of social media profiles, which is public information, is very helpful when hiring. There are also many behavior assessments and personality quizzes that can be made use of prior to the more important interview process. Here are 5 Qualities you would like to determine during the interview.

The person’s

  • style
  • personality
  • values
  • motives
  • and most importantly, the person’s temperament.  

Now that you have a feel for the candidate Emotional IQ you’re finally ready for the Fifth Step…

how to interview someone for a job

5. The Poised Process.

The most structured and poised process is always the highest quality found in great interviews. That doesn’t mean the entire process has to be exactly by the book. A little spontaneity always keeps the interview lively. But what it definitely does mean is this.

  • Each and every interviewee is posed the same questions.
  • Each and Every interviewee is scored under the guides of an unbiased rating system.
  • Every person must be given a fair and equal chance.

Situational and Behavior structured questions are the best possible ways to anchor your Poised Process. Once that’s finished you have come to the end. More importantly, you have a well rounded guide to performing the perfect interview.

How to Interview Someone for a Job and Get Top Tier Results Every Time in Conclusion

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If you have had troubles in the past with How to Interview Someone for a Job and Get Top Tier Results Every Time then put away those troubles today and apply this perfected 5 point guide to your interviewing process now.

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